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Production process requirements and maintenance of star unloader

Production process requirements and maintenance of star unloader

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(Summary description)The star unloader is one of the commonly used dust removal accessories in dust removal equipment.

Production process requirements and maintenance of star unloader

(Summary description)The star unloader is one of the commonly used dust removal accessories in dust removal equipment.

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-01
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The star unloader is one of the commonly used dust removal accessories in dust removal equipment. The star discharge equipment is characterized by simple overall structure, small cross-sectional size, good sealing performance, safe and reliable work, low equipment manufacturing cost, convenient operation and unloading, reversible conveying direction, and the soot box can also be sealed. It adopts the combined mechanism of variable groove angle roller and parallel roller, which has stable operation and reasonable structure to prevent material overflow. The star discharger is mainly suitable for dust removal. The ash hopper of the equipment is mainly divided into two types: A type and B type. The star discharger is usually composed of a motor, a reducer, an ash discharge board and an electrical control switch. Stir and mix the materials. The material flow can be adjusted by adjusting the ash discharge board. But it will be difficult for large dust particles. Welcome to visit technical information online.




1. During the working process of the star unloader, avoid overloading the equipment due to large material particles and strong adhesion, or prevent equipment composed of foreign matter from getting stuck in the dust collector or causing motor short-circuit equipment and damage . Customers are advised to check and install overload maintenance equipment in time.

2. During use, if the device has the appearance of air leakage and dust along the axial direction, the gland can be pressed tightly.




  3. Before leaving the factory, the reducer of this machine has been filled with No. 00 lubricating oil, and the ash discharge valve has been filled with lithium base grease. Transmission and bearing parts should be replenished or replaced with grease within 60 months after use. If the ambient temperature is high, humid or there is too much dust in the air, it is best to shorten the oil change time in time.

4. During the transportation and installation of the star unloader, its stability must be maintained and collisions avoided, which may cause the shell to rupture and deform.

5. When the output shaft and input shaft of the star unloader, as well as other parts and accessories, do not directly or hammer to prevent damage.

6. This machine is suitable for continuous operation system and can perform forward and reverse operation

Unloader manufacturers analyze the maintenance process of star unloaders

1. The star unloader has been filled with lubricating oil and grease before leaving the factory. After 6 months of normal use, the gearbox and bearing parts should be supplemented or replaced with grease. It is assumed that the installation environment is high temperature or dusty. The oil change time should be shortened.


 2. The star unloader is suitable for continuous operation. It is still allowed to run. During operation, it is assumed that there will be axial air leakage or ash leakage. After pressing the cover, the screw of the cover can be locked or the asbestos packing can be replaced. The material cover is sufficient.

3. Assuming that the material conveyed by the star unloader is too viscous, it is easy to cause the equipment to overload. It is easy for users to install overload protection devices or replace high-power motors.

4. The internal structure of all types of star unloaders is the same, and the disassembly sequence and assembly process are basically the same. When transporting the star-shaped unloader, it should be kept stable to avoid collision, otherwise the housing and motor may be damaged.

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