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What are the debugging skills of the rotary valve?

Rotary valves are widely used. So, what debugging skills does it have? I believe that many of my friends don’t understand this very well. Let me briefly introduce it to you, let’s take a look!

Failure analysis of rotary valve

1. Why is there no sound or no sound after some rotary valves are welded? This situation may be due to the excessive power density of the soldering iron that can be used during the soldering process (20-30W soldering iron is recommended) or the time may be too long, causing the solder joints between the pins of the rotary valve and the coil to be heated and melted. 2. Why do some rotary valves have a low, silent or sandy tone after welding? This situation may be that the current to start the rotary valve is too small or too large, causing the rotary valve to fail to sound normally.

Tips for maintaining rotary valves in winter

How to maintain the rotary valve in winter? Do friends understand? Let’s take a look with the editor!

Do you know the rotary valve?

In some equipment, there is a component used to control the in and out of materials, which can be fully automatic or manually controlled. Rotary valve is one such part. Rotary valve is also called shut-off fan. Although they have different names, they are actually one thing. Let’s take a look with the editor below!

Analysis of the reasons for the destruction of the motor in the star unloader

As a kind of environmental protection mechanical equipment, star-shaped unloaders are commonly found in energy output management systems, related to the working environment pressure output management system or air pressure output management system. The star-shaped unloaders are symmetrically and continuously The chain conveyor tube feeds materials to ensure that the gas in the system energy output tube is relatively stable in solid state, so that the energy transportation can work normally. Therefore,

The difference between pressure-resistant and high-temperature-resistant star unloaders

According to the structure and main purpose, what types of star unloaders can be divided into? What is the difference between them? I believe that many of my friends don't know much about this, so let me briefly introduce it to you.

How to use explosion-proof star unloader?

How to use explosion-proof star unloader? Are there any matters needing attention during use? I believe that many of my friends don't know much about it, so let me briefly introduce it to you.

Talk about the installation and commissioning of the star unloader

When the star discharge equipment is working, the decelerating motor drives the impeller to rotate through the coupling to evenly remove the material from the upper part of the shell, and convey the material through the following devices: In addition, it also has a sealing function to prevent the power transmission process Remove it.

Unloading equipment: matters needing attention when using star unloader

Unloading equipment is the main equipment for dust removal equipment, air source and other equipment.

The daily maintenance method of the air shutter

Please pay attention to the following points during daily use of the air shutter
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