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Unloading equipment: matters needing attention when using star unloader

Unloading equipment: matters needing attention when using star unloader

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(Summary description)Unloading equipment is the main equipment for dust removal equipment, air source and other equipment.

Unloading equipment: matters needing attention when using star unloader

(Summary description)Unloading equipment is the main equipment for dust removal equipment, air source and other equipment.

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-01
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Unloading equipment is the main equipment for dust removal equipment, air source and other equipment. Suitable for powder and granular materials. Played an important role in the cleaning work. It is widely used in environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, food, food and other industrial sectors. In the process of use, we must understand its characteristics, make it more convenient to operate and maintain, and make it play an important role in the work process. The following unloading equipment factories summarized the following issues that should be paid attention to during the start-up, operation and work of the star unloader:





Precautions for starting and operating the star unloader:

1. After the star unloader is started, it will take a while to reach the normal reverse speed. When starting the motor, it should be injected into the ammeter on the console. Generally, the peak current of JO-40s will drop to the normal operating current. During normal work, also pay attention to the indicated value of the ammeter, and it is not allowed to exceed the specified current value for a long time, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents of flammable motors.



2. After the unloading equipment is working normally, the mining equipment can be started to feed the star unloader. When feeding ore, the amount of ore should be adjusted in time according to the size of the ore and the operation of the star unloader to ensure uniform feeding and avoid overloading. Generally, the height of the material in the crushing cavity should not exceed the height of the crushing cavity.

3. During the operation of the unloading equipment, always pay attention to the large-scale ore block stuck on the site of the mine mouth. If it gets stuck, use an iron hook to remove it. If there is too much ore or the crushing cavity is blocked. Feeding should stop. Mine, after the ore block is broken, the ore will be picked up. It is forbidden to take out the ore from the crushing cavity of the unloader or pick up the ore by hand. If there is a large block of ore that needs to be taken out, please take out the utensils specially.




4. Beware of shovel teeth, track shoes, drill bits, sodium balls and other discs entering the unloader. These unbroken objects will damage the unloader. If there is no damaged object entering the unloader, the time period passes again. The operator at the delivery location should be notified immediately. Avoid entering the next order and causing trouble.

5. When the electrical equipment automatically trips, if there are unknown factors, continuous starting is prohibited.

Pay attention to the following points during the working process of the unloader:

(1) This machine is suitable for continuous operation, allowing forward and reverse operation.

(2) When the output shaft and input shaft are matched with other parts, direct hammering is not allowed to prevent damage.

(3) During transportation and equipment, please keep stable and avoid collision, otherwise it may cause the shell to crack and deform.

(4) After the machine is put into use, within 6 to 10 months, the gearbox and bearing parts should be filled with oil (lithium-based grease). If the ambient temperature is high, humid or there is too much dust in the air, the oil replacement time should be shortened appropriately.

(5) During use, if the equipment has axial air leakage, dust leakage, etc., you can tighten the gland screws or replace the packing from the beginning, and then press the cover.

(6) During operation, please avoid the equipment jam or motor short-circuit due to the material being too long or overload, which may damage the geared motor. It is recommended that the user install an overload protection device.

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