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JKMHP Series Mult-stage High Pressure Spray Dryer



JKMHP series multi-stage spray dryer is specially used for drying materials with high content of oil and sugar as well as high heat-sensibility,such as milk,milk powder,powder oil,health-food,biological products,maltose etc.

In this dryer,air is heated by a heating device.The hot air then enters the dry chamber and at the same time the liquid material is made into fine droplets under the high pressure.In the chamber,the droplets are dried instantly into powder.The semi-dried powder will pass through the fixed fluid-bed at the bottom of drying chanmber to be further dried and agglomerated.Then it will be finally dried through the vibrating fluid-bed.The dried material cools down when passing through the second half of the vibrating fluid-bed.After the sieve,it falls into storage tank for packaging.The products from the dryer has good flowability and solubility with a beautiful granular shape.The final products will keep their original color,smell,taste and biological activity and high purity.The energy consumption is also low.The whole process takes in a closed flow and is friendly to the environment.


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