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The working principle of the unloader, the selection and price of the unloader, the picture of the unloader

Industry News
2017/03/14 23:20

Nowadays, the unloader is widely used, and then the small series introduces the unloader in detail.

The star unloader device is the main equipment for dust removal, air supply and other equipment feeding of dust removal equipment. The star discharge device is suitable for powder materials and granular materials.

The star unloader is used to install the discharge port of the unloader working under negative pressure, and the upper part receives the material discharged from the unloader, and relies on the rotating impeller to play the role of conveying materials, and is also responsible for sealing. During the pneumatic conveying process, the air is sucked from the discharge port to ensure that the normal discharge of the unloader is a special unloading device, which plays a big role in the cleaning and cleaning work.


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First, star type unloader classification: star type unloader can be divided into three types: ordinary type, pressure type, high temperature type.

Pressure-resistant type: It adopts closed rotor, which can be widely used in suction type, pressure-feeding airflow conveying system and negative pressure conveying equipment. It can ensure that the airflow pressure in the conveying pipe does not leak, and can safely convey and close materials. Therefore, in this respect, it is called a Wan lock air machine, which not only can withstand pressure, but also has a common type of function.


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High temperature resistance type: It depends on the temperature rise of the material conveying and the discharge port because the temperature has an effect on the expansion of the body and is unfavorable to the bearing and oil seal system.

Ordinary type: It can be used on ordinary materials below 80 °C and normal temperature. It can feed continuously into the feed pipe continuously, and it can be used as the discharger function in the system and the separation dust collection part.

Second, the working principle of the star unloader

1. The star unloader is commonly used in the pneumatic output system. For the pressure output system or the negative pressure output system, the star unloader can uniformly and continuously feed the feed pipe. In order to ensure that the gas and solids in the pneumatic output pipe are relatively stable, the pneumatic conveying can work normally, and at the same time, the upper and lower air pressures of the unloader can be blocked to function as a gas lock. Therefore, the star unloader is an important component commonly used in pneumatic conveying systems.

2. When the material of the upper silo is dropped by the self-weight, it is filled in the gap between the blades, and is discharged at the lower portion as the blade rotates. Therefore, the star unloader can be discharged quantitatively and continuously.

3. The star unloader can be used in the collection material system as the unloader of the silo. The star unloader is currently the most advanced unloading device in China and is commonly used as one of the important equipments for dust removal systems in dust removal systems. It is especially suitable for dust, small particle materials, and is highly recommended by engineering projects in environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, grain, cement, road construction, drying equipment and other industrial industries.


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4. Temperature-resistant type The temperature of the material to be conveyed can reach 280 °C. The bearings at both ends are separated from the impeller, which can prevent the ultra-fine powder from coming into contact with the bearing. The high temperature type unloader delivers materials at temperatures up to 500 ° C and is connected by a sprocket.

Third, application and troubleshooting

Star unloader is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other departments as a hopper unloading device for various types of dust removal equipment. It relies on the gravity of the material and the coercive action of the feeder working mechanism to The material is discharged and fed continuously and evenly into the next device. It can also be used as a feeding and unloading device for various mills, dryers, silos, etc., suitable for drying powder and small granular materials.


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Fourth, the star unloader is installed and used

1. During the operation of the star unloader, avoid overloading of the equipment caused by large material particles and strong adhesive force, or equipment jam or motor short circuit caused by foreign trade in the dust collector, resulting in equipment damage. Plug in and install an overload protection device.

2. In the process of use, if the equipment is leaking along the axial direction, ash leakage, etc., the material can be firmly pressed.

3. The machine has been filled with lubricating oil No. 00 grease before leaving the factory. The ash discharging valve has been filled with lithium-based grease. Within 6-10 months after being put into use, the transmission and bearing components should be supplemented or replaced with grease. If the ambient temperature is high, humid or excessive dust in the air, the oil change time should be shortened appropriately.

4. During the transportation and installation process, the star unloader should be kept stable, avoid collision, and cause deformation and deformation of the casing.

5. When the unloader is installed with the output shaft and the input shaft and other parts and accessories, it is not allowed to directly and hammer to prevent damage.

6. This machine is used in continuous working system, and can be used for forward rotation and reverse rotation.

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Nowadays, more and more places have been applied to the unloader. Xiaobian believes that the unloader will be more and more reused. Welcome cooperation partners to visit our factory!