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Introduction of fans and parallel fans and series fans

Industry News
2015/08/01 23:17

The structure of the fan: the rotor: composed of magnets, blades and shafts; stator: composed of silicon steel sheets, coils and bearings; control circuit: by IC induction magnets N. S. The poles are controlled by their circuits to conduct internal coils to cause internal excitation to rotate the rotor.

Type: axial fan, DC fan

Choice: overall cooling requirements

Parallel fans and series fans:

Parallel fan: The parallel fan pressure does not change, but the air volume will rise. As the air volume increases, the heat dissipation effect increases. If the heat dissipation power is too small in the design, it may be considered to increase the fan to solve.

Tandem fan: The result of a series fan is that the wind pressure increases, but the air volume does not change. The secondary method is not able to solve the heat dissipation problem. Generally, the resistance used in the near wind is too large to ensure the air volume.

Noise level To get low noise, you must pay attention to the following points:

System Impedance: Air flow resistance can cause airborne noise.

Turbulence of the airflow: High-frequency noise occurs due to the turbulent flow of the air due to the poor design of the runner. If the runner is not improved, it is difficult to improve the quality.

Fan speed and size: The faster the fan speed, the better the heat dissipation effect. The larger the fan size, the larger the air volume and the better the heat dissipation effect. The higher the speed of the fan, the louder the noise, and the larger the size, the louder the noise.

Temperature rise: When the temperature rises after the temperature rises, the heat dissipation effect decreases.

Vibration: Vibration causes fan noise to rise, life is reduced, and speed is reduced.

Voltage fluctuations: Voltage fluctuations can cause fan speed changes, making operation unstable and generating additional noise.

Design considerations: Other design requirements must also be considered to ensure heat dissipation.

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