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Star unloader performance and work considerations

Industry News
2015/08/01 23:16

In the daily use, the star unloader should pay more attention to the dust being stuck in the hopper or falling into the rigid material to avoid damage to the operating equipment. The wear of the abrasive dust impeller is faster, and the impeller should be repaired in time.

The star unloader is a special device for sealing and unloading of the dust collector. It can continuously discharge materials and transport materials into designated devices, and can be applied to a variety of materials. The star type unloader is resistant to temperature. The temperature of the material it conveys can reach 280 °C. The bearings at both ends are separated from the impeller, which can prevent the ultrafine powder from coming into contact with the bearing. The high temperature type unloader conveys the temperature of the material up to 500 ° C, and is connected by a sprocket. The reducer and the unloader housing have a certain interval.

The characteristics of the star unloader are as follows:

1. The elastic impeller is used to enhance the flexible seal to eliminate the phenomenon of impeller stuck.

2. The bearing seat is displaced outside the valve body, which blocks the direct source of dust particles, prolongs the service life of the bearing and facilitates maintenance.

3, with a cycloidal reducer, compact structure, not messy and reliable.

In the use of the star unloader, it should be noted that the dust is stuck when it is discharged or dropped into the rigid material in the hopper, which may damage the operating equipment; the wear of the abrasive dust impeller is faster, and the impeller should be repaired in time.

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