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Buy a few details of the fan

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2015/08/01 23:15

Buying things needs to look at the appearance, this is the external, then look inside, specifically I will talk to you:

1. Use place: indoor or outdoor

2. Use: Is it quantitative discharge, full discharge, or air lock

3. Ability: The amount of feed per hour, and indicate whether it is quantitative or variable transport

4. Delivery method: pneumatic conveying or gravity flow

5. The name of the delivery gas and the pressure difference between the upper and lower flanges of the fan

6. Performance of the transported material: including name, particle size, true density, bulk density, temperature, angle of repose, moisture content, viscosity and others

7. When it is necessary to use the acceleration chamber and the pumping chamber, please specify the model number.

8. Please specify flange specifications: standard

9. Does the reducer motor need to specify the manufacturer, protection grade, explosion-proof grade, etc.

10. Whether the surface of the inner cavity of the fan needs special treatment

11. Painting color: whether there is a specified color, if it is not specified, it is the standard color of the company's products.

The company's main: unloader, shut-off fan, airlock, rotary valve, etc.

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