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About the maintenance valve 4 maintenance tips

Industry News
2015/08/01 23:14

No matter what product or higher product, we must remember that we can't do without the maintenance and maintenance work. The machine is in good condition and we must also maintain it. Below we have compiled a few common knowledge about the maintenance of the discharge valve. For your reference.

1. The discharge valve is suitable for continuous operation to allow anyway operation. If there is air leakage or ash leakage along the axial direction during operation, the screw of the pressure cover or the replacement of the asbestos packing should be used. can.

2. The discharge valve should be filled with lubricating oil and grease before leaving the factory. After 6 months of normal use, the transmission and bearing parts should be replenished or replaced. If the installation environment is high or the dust is too much, it should be shortened. Change oil time.

3. The internal structure of various types of discharge valves are the same, the assembly and disassembly sequence is basically the same as the assembly process, and should be kept smooth during the process of transporting the unloader to avoid collision, resulting in damage to the casing and motor.

4. If the viscosity of the material conveyed by the discharge valve is too large, it is easy to cause the overload operation of the equipment. Simple user installs the overload protection device or replaces the high-power motor.

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