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What is the high air lock performance star unloader

Industry News
2015/08/01 23:13

After years of research, it is found that the structure of the star unloader and the structure of the general star unloading should be composed of a rotor blade with several blades, a casing, a seal, a reducer, an electric motor, etc. The star unloading device is also called Rotary feeder, lock valve, star type ash discharge valve, star hopper, star unloader and so on.

As a special unloading equipment, the star unloader plays a big role in cleaning and cleaning work, so it is necessary to summarize some of its features so that it can better discharge the star. To achieve a comprehensive understanding and maintenance, to maximize its capabilities.

The star unloader is a lining of the rotor blade with a fluoroethylene seal to ensure good contact between the end of the blade and the inner wall of the case, and the end of the blade can be easily adjusted after wear so that it remains well with the inside of the case. Contact, with better gas lock performance. Temperature-resistant type The temperature of the material it conveys can reach 280 °C. The bearings at both ends are separated from the impeller, which can prevent the ultra-fine powder from coming into contact with the bearing. The high temperature type unloader conveys the temperature of the material up to 500 ° C, and is connected by a sprocket. The reducer and the unloader housing have a certain distance.

When the material of the upper silo is filled in the gap between the vanes by its own weight, it is discharged at the lower portion as the vane rotates. Therefore, the star unloader can be discharged quantitatively and continuously. Therefore, the upper and lower flange ports of the star unloader are basically square or round, and can also be selected by the user. With the development of the times and the innovation of technology, the application of the unloader is more and more extensive. Our company is constantly researching and developing new products to meet the needs of the market, and hopes that people from all walks of life can pay more attention. The dynamics of our factory!


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