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How should fastener companies achieve sound development in 2017

Industry News
2019/04/04 11:31

The benign development of a fastener enterprise must establish the core competitiveness of the enterprise and the internal motivation of the industry. However, most of the fastener enterprises in China are lack of innovative technology, lack of advanced technology for intellectual property rights, and lack of technical talents. The production team is unstable, the frontline employees are not adequately trained and the liquidity is large. The daily production of the company is poor to cope with the complicated low-end or lower-end products, the passive production mode and the unstable market environment. It is undeniable that the existence of endogenous defects such as lack of human resources, lack of core technology and weak market expansion will definitely have a negative impact on the development of the industry.

In the past few years, the research work in the field of fastener technology has not been correspondingly developed, but has been continuously “marginalized”. The principle scientific research results of the whole industry are seriously lacking. Many fastener enterprises have tensile tests and hardness on the products. In addition to testing, there is no necessary means such as metallographic detection and impact performance testing. The inspectors in the enterprise have not obtained the “Quality Inspector” certificate issued by the relevant national or provincial authorities, and thus are related to materials, heat treatment or mechanical processing. The quality problems of the joint products are often caused by the inability to sort out the economic disputes. It has become a common phenomenon. Many enterprises often fail to meet the standards of bolts and nuts due to the “mixed materials” in the steel market. However, there is no way to do so, which seriously affects the establishment of brands in enterprises; some products are “price-based”, and generally only 0.5%-1.0% of profits in the commodity output chain, the actual value of fastener products is seriously distorted, in the industry. In the absence of unnecessary industry norms, the phenomenon of “price reduction” between companies is often seen.

Nowadays, it is not so much the bottleneck period in the development of the fastener industry. It is better to say that we are faced with opportunities to promote transformation and promote development. We must work hard to promote the transformation and upgrading of the fastener industry, which belongs to the traditional industry, and transform the products from the low-end to the mid-to-high end of the value chain, effectively promoting the transformation of the fastener industry from cost and other factors to innovation.

Only by solving the "short-board effect" of the development of the fastener industry, can we have the opportunity to enhance the industrial competitiveness of the entire industry and gain new market space. How to solve the challenges and problems faced by the fastener industry does require us to conduct in-depth research and exploration.


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